Sunday, 8 August 2010

Smiles on the Mile

I’m not sure if it was the ‘Roam Service’ emergency STD clinic support card we found outside the tent, the heavy panting Ed and I had heard in the night and had innocently assumed was each other having a rather racy dream, or the 100 or so condoms littered around us, but it turned out we had camped in Edinburgh’s most prolific cruising area... We made a sharp exit (as opposed to an entry) and headed to showers and breakfast with Ed’s parents before zooming over to the mile for some bucket rattling.

The festival was buzzing and I took great pleasure in steering a 200kg beast through the throngs of people... for 3 or so hours we owned the royal mile. We had acrobats on board, zombies, Queen Elizabeth the 1st (deflowered) , all great fun, none of whom could act, but hey that’s what the Fringe is all about isn’t it?

The brilliant Jeff Leach helped us out for a while, and he exploited the bike for the big purple, throbbing babe magnet that it is ….. this led to a troupe of dancer’s getting on board for some baton swirling. We even had a brass band riding the bike while blasting out some famous brass band tunes.

The sun shone, and we forgot all about the early morning crusing; we think we raised lots of money which is all we could have hoped for and we even had a real life bedroom for the night (we will have to save the Boots lube for another day.

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