Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Biking for boobs

Wednesday was a very happy day aboard the good ship Cobi, fuelled by more home baking than Delia’s kitchen sees in a year and accompanied by three giant boobs. Yes folks, three giant boobs – and that wasn’t just the new recruits. I’ll tell you about the boobs later.
Joining the bike at the Bull Ring was the Warwick university contingent of Gethin, Olly and Rach, Colin the cyclist and Jason the funny man. With four ladies at the pedals it was perhaps the girliest day of the expedition yet . There was the Rachel who I’ve already mentioned and who made us all laugh out loud when, as we groaned our way up a cheeky hill, exclaimed ‘Oh! I thought that because I was going backwards I had to pedal backwards too…’. No Rach, no. I had rejoined the team for a few days, eager for more conferencing after my yomping up and over the Lammiemuir Hills last week. Then there were the lovely twins, Kristin and Maren Hallenga, the bringer of tasty baking and giant boobs. ‘And why the boobs?’ I hear you say. Well, we took it turn to strap the boobs to our backs, much to the amusement and bemusement of passersby. And the boobs were brought along because our favourite twins are on a mission to encourage the men and women of Great Britain to be boob aware and to raise awareness of breast cancer, particularly in young women. A noble crusade for sure, and all the more impressive when I tell you that Kris is a Cancer Warrior. She is 24. Diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer last year, following two misdiagnoses, Kris is on a mission to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to other young women. So, if you haven’t ‘copped a feel’ for a little while, then get to it and spread the word. Check out Coppafeel! At for more information on being boob aware.


Unknown said...

Loving the posts! Look forward to meeting Miss CoBi on Saturday and peddling her on Sunday!

Unknown said...

Hi Ed, looking forward to joining CoBi for Redruth to Land's End stage. I'm a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and treat cancer patients, I really admire what you are doing. Well done.

I was morbidly obese (27 stone) myself and had weight loss surgery and have lost ten stone. I was so unfit prior to surgery in 2007 I could not climb a flight of stairs. Last year I did LEJOG on a proper bike (not that Miss CoBi isn't a proper bike, do not want to hurt her emotions). Looking forward to cycling with you all, take care. What a hoot...


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