Friday, 20 August 2010

Maybe it's because i'm a londonder that I like cycling so

The holy children of the sacred combine harvesters came to our rescue once again(Hugh, Lee and Patrick Schneider); the 4 Dobermans took to me like a plastic duck to a pool of boiling water, but we had a gas fired barbecue, bacon, sausages, marinated chicken, pasta, fosters and a luminous blue shower. Obviously it rained, but we are used to sods, Murphy's , or whoever's bloody law it is we seem to abide by.

Ed was awoken many times in the night by Teeta's coughing, the cockerel and screeching owls(not necessarily in that order) and I slept straight through.

The final London stretch to London included,

1. A drive-through MacDonald's (we ordered 2 cokes to share between 11)
2. A stop-off at Lords (my sister has a majority share in a cricket bat)
3. BBC 1 Extra exploitation
4. Picadilly circus (nearly dying)
5. Match funding fishing (basically lassoing any Deloitte employees and tying them to the bike using dental floss).

It was lovely to be home - I tucked Miss CoBi up in bed and I took the floor (she is playing very hard to get, even after entering me).

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