Friday, 13 August 2010

Following Up Some Promising Leeds...

After a lovely night’s sleep at the lovely Foxhill Caravan Park owned by the lovely Carl and Kath Fawcett, disturbed only by a bit of rain and a slight family disagreement in one of the neighbouring tents, we showered and shaved and set off back to York.
Throughout the morning we gathered together the rest of the cast of Last of the Summer Wine from various parts of York and Yorkshire, with Jack taking on the role of Norah Batty keeping everyone in check. Lovely Cath, of Morpeth to Darlington fame, cooked us a wonderful virtually vegetarian breakfast (Keith had to have his bacon though). Then we headed back to Get Cycling where lots of men, led by head mechanic Neil, had their greasy hands all over Miss CoBi. Thankfully she seemed to be enjoying the attention to her universal joint, freewheel and back brake calliper and soon (OK, five hours later, she has been working hard), she was back to her beautiful best.
It did mean we were leaving York a little later than planned but we had a good team on board. We left York at 3.30 and arrived in Leeds at 7.05 which was pretty good going, in fact possibly one fastest times yet. We might have been slightly quicker had it not been for the T’ Sat Nav: Yorkshire edition, which was six locals having an emotional discussion, complete with hand gestures, to guide me through a one-way system to rival a chaste Christian girl.
Eventually we made it to the station and said our goodbyes. Ed’s Cousin Kate arrived on the train, then she, Phil, Miss CoBi and we headed for the Hilton, where we all hit the sauna and steam room … Paris had very kindly decided to let us stay for free, but her busy filming schedule meant neither herself or the chihuahua were able to have a ride on Miss CoBi. We got a great take away pizza and I necked a glass of wine… We returned to our swish room to eat it all while watching News Night.

Chris, who was riding with us has posted his own account of today here:

Thanks Chris!

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