Monday, 9 August 2010

Beyond the 'Burgh

Our trip to our start-point was somewhat hampered by an accident ironically involving a cyclist... It made me thankful for Miss Cobi’s tank-like build.

We were met by James, a guy who loves to laugh; Sarah Outen who was the first woman to sail across the Indian Ocean solo, the lovely French Marion and Aaron... ask me about Aaron another time...

The two guys who lived in Edinburgh didn’t really know how to get us out of it, which led to 5 miles of pointless costal road cycling…. Grrrr… and we ended up on the Edinburgh bypass but were quickly apprehended by the highway patrol but luckily they didn’t report us as a near miss.

Aaron collapsed on the trailer after 2 hours and spent the rest of the day sleeping in the van, which was useful. The rest of us carried on, and decided Town Yetholm was a silly destination and Coldstream would be much more sensible ….. this would take us over the border hills, but how hard could they be?

They were 10 miles in 3 hours sort of hard in the driving rain, competing with landrovers, road kill and cow shit. Ian would drive on ahead then run back to give us some extra push ….. he was our hero (did I mention how Aaron just sat in the van). This was tough stuff, even James didn’t always see the funny side but we sang most of Queen’s back catalogue and that just about kept us wanting to ride our bicycle.

Unluckily a rabbit’s foot jumped up from the wheel and hit Sarah in the face, this was followed by her lower legs being covered in a lot of cow shit which I drove through a wee bit fast.

We had lost a lot of time, and decided to change our destination again and head for Duns ….. but the last 10 or so miles were downhill... God must have woken up and decided to give us a break... I’m now a born again Christian. There's no doubt Jesus would have enjoyed Miss CoBi, though he would have needed two ... for Him, the disciples and Mary Magdalene.

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