Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Anyone for Juice? Official drinks sponsor climbs aboard the CoBi

Everything has stepped up a gear (excuse the pun .... actually the CoBi doesn't really have gears so no pun present or intended).
There is only a month to go before we begin our epic journey and let me be the first to say a huge thank you for all the overwhelming support we have received so far. People from Dundee in deepest Scotland to Porthcurno in darkest Cornwall have offered pedal power, advice, warm words and plasters.

This is fast turning into the World's Greatest Bike Ride and we intend to carry the dashed hopes of a nation to glory by raising £50,000 for Cancer Research UK, and break a few world records in the process.

Please have a good snoop around the website to see all the wonderful ways in which you can help,

Now onto the really exciting news!

Juice Doctor have become the official sponsor of the challenge, and they will be keeping us hydrated throughout the event with their range of naturally isotonic juicy waters. Co-founded by five times Olympic gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave, the drinks help restore and maintain healthy levels of hydration.

Sir Steve has recently completed
RAAM (Race across America); Steve and his team cycled from the West to the East coast of the USA in 7 days and 3 hours, which puts our 4 weeks to shame.
National consumer campaign ‘
Keep It Light!’, launched earlier this year to raise hydration health awareness, are also supporting the bike ride.

Juice Doctor drinks have taken the science commonly associated with sports drinks and created a range of everyday hydration drinks that target busy people on the go. The drinks, which are naturally isotonic, have been formulated to help restore and maintain the body’s natural fluid balance. Each Juice Doctor drink is a carefully measured blend of spring water, fruit juice, beet sugar, natural flavourings and minerals. There are no artificial colourings, no flavourings, no preservatives, no sodium and no sweeteners. for more information

We are so excited that Juice Doctor have come on board and hope you can join us too. To sign up have a look at the schedule and e-mail with the dates and times you'd like to do.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dedication's What You'll Need...

We're hoping to set the Guinness World Record for the most people taking part in an End to End (John O'Groats to Lands End or the other way around) on a single bike. We might have set the record even if we'd just had seven pedalling the whole way but we couldn't have been sure. However, with people booking their places on our fancy scheduling spreadsheet (Click on the clocks) everyday, we should set a huge target.

So if you've been watching world records and world firsts all week (Italy and France out of the World Cup, Mahut and Isner's never ending tennis match) and feel like making some sporting history yourself then join us. We obviously have a big advantage with six more seats than usual but we need to fill them all up, the whole way. If you want to book a place on the bike email us at

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fun at the Fest, Joined by Jeff

The CoBi will be heading through Edinburgh just as the Festival season kicks off and we'll definitely be getting involved. We'll be arriving on the 6th, touring the city on the 7th and then heading off to Melrose on the 8th.

Riding with us for part of this will be stand-up comedian and TV presenter Jeff Leach. Many comics can talk the talk when it comes to supporting good causes but Jeff is putting his feet where his mouth is, so to speak, and pedalling for us to help Cancer Research UK.
Over the past few years Jeff has fronted The Surgery and Scene Stealers for BBC Switchand has hosted and appeared in shows such as T in the Park Festival, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, Virgin Music On Demand, Celebrity Scissorhands and Comic Relief Naughty Bits. He also performs as part of Men in Masks, who are working hard to increase the influence of Mexican wrestling on the British music scene.
He's now coming to Edinburgh to do a one man show called 'Leach on Society' which you can catch for the first two weeks of August.