Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Keith Chegwin is on board! (sort of.....)

Hello pedal pushers!

That's right, Cheggers himself 'followed' us today ... "What, like down the street?" I hear you cry. No my little bicycle bells, on Twitter. Well we thought it was exciting ....... and if you visit his Twitter feed you will get little nuggets like this,

The mother-in-Law just swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills. I've told her to have a few drinks & get some rest

We hope to have his mother-in-law on the bike actually, but Keith said he would prefer her under it (boom boom).

With only a matter of weeks to go and as the excitement builds, I'm sure most of you are are throwing your football boots into the bin and rummaging through the cupboards looking for those useless Cycling shoes you brought on a whim from e bay, because they were only £28 + £16p+p. Well my eager saddle greasers, little did you know that one day when some crazy fools decided to ride from John O'Groats to Land's End on a 7 seater bike for Cancer Research, they would come very much in useful.

Our schedule is filling up with a really wonderful Pick & Mix of people, and the idea that we will link together as a chain across the UK to beat Cancer is truly inspiring. If you haven't already please do think about whether you would like to get involved, the more the merrier, and we mean that!

Our press release is finally out, so get ready to see us splashed over local rags, and breakfast T.V across the land ..... this is going to be big!

Ding Ding, get out of the way, the CoBi Uk 2010 is revving up the engine (and that engine is you!)

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